What is a photo booth?

A photo booth is a magical contraption that creates fun and excitement while capturing memories at any event. It's like that amusement park that they say is the happiest place on Earth, but in a smaller scale... a much, much smaller scale—like something that would fit in a 10' x 10' area. The best thing about it is the instant gratification that everyone enjoys. All that fun and excitement are captured within the photo booth and voila—printed within 10 seconds!

How can we book Fotomoji for our event?

Don't be shy. Give us a call at 587.893.7450 or click the 'Book Us Now!' button at the bottom of the Packages page. If you feel like it's too soon and you're not quite ready to make a commitment, we understand. Let's get to know each other first—fill out the form on our Contact page and get the 411 before we take it to the next level.

And unlike that guy you met at the bar, we'll call you back within 24 hours or less. Let us know what date you would like to book us and we'll let you know if we're available. Oh! And don't forget to choose the best package for you. You can browse through our Packages page to find the right fit. Easy peasy!

How much does it cost?

Our packages have been designed to suit a variety of needs—from birthday parties to weddings to corporate events. Have a gander at our prices on our Packages page and choose one that's right for your event. There are also other options such as the Additional/Idle Hours or the Guestbook that may be added to your package, if you so desire.

Will there be an attendant at the booth?

The only job you need to do at the booth is to strike a pose and work it like you mean it! Your BFF (Booth Friend Forever) will take care of the rest.

How many people can you fit in the booth?

Check it out... our current record is 23! Yuppers! And here's the proof...

Are you a licensed business?

We absolutely are! When we mean business... we mean business—with a license!

Are you insured?

You betcha! We may love goofing around but we're smart about managing and minimizing the risks.